Collect Dues, Rent & Fees

Increase revenue, improve member and parent engagement, create consistency and transparency within your organization when you use one of  OmegaFi's two billing & payments software options.

On average, clients who use our financial software collect 20% more in the first year. 


Sororities and fraternities can more easily manage their finances with budget and tracking solutions from OmegaFi.

Budget & Track

OmegaFi's billing and payments software offers tools to help you build your organization's budget and keep track of finances. 

Vault API Documentation

Looking to integrate Vault with your own third-party database? With existing integrations with industry leaders, including  Salesforce, iMIS and Compass, and its own API, Vault is the most agile financial management software for fraternities, sororities, student clubs and more. The Vault API allows you and your software solutions to efficiently and safely access your data.

Request access to our Vault API documentation: Email


View & Pay Bills 

View and pay all your organization's bills in one place; avoid late fees.

Paying bills on time is a cornerstone of good greek and fraternity financial management.
Check out Brennan Ramash’s testimonial on OmegaFi’s fraternity financial management software.

"OmegaFi provides me with all the tools and support I need to effectively manage my chapter’s finances. The website is very easy to use, and the account managers are always willing to assist with anything I need help with. As a full-time student, this all-in-one financial management is invaluable to me and my chapter."

Brennan Romash

Phi Kappa Psi - Florida State University

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Great sorority and fraternity financial management software will help you file your taxes.


Once you've added Vault or VaultPro, we can turn this feature on for you. Contact us to learn more.

File Taxes

We’ll make sure your organization doesn’t miss the window to file your taxes. OmegaFi will help you decide when and how to file and help you keep your tax exempt status. Do you think your 990 filing needs to be reviewed by a pro? Ask our rep about our 990 Pro service. 


Once you've added Vault or VaultPro, we can turn this feature on for you. Contact us to learn more.

Contract Management

No more chasing down members to get agreements and leases signed. With digital signature capabilities on your tablet and phone, OmegaFi's Vault software contract management feature takes the hassle out of contracts. OmegaFi stores signed contracts, in the event they're needed. 

Digital signatures make it easy to manage contracts.
Officer purchasing cards can revolutionize your sorority and fraternity financial management, since officers are free to buy what they need while every purchase flows into the Vault.


Once you've added Vault or VaultPro, we can turn this feature on for you. Contact us to learn more.

Purchasing Cards

No need to process reimbursements or cut checks to members for buying supplies. With the Officer Purchasing Visa® Prepaid Card, you can log in to load (and unload) a card. Then, all of expenses are tracked in Vault for review.

Check out Rachel Burkholder’s testimonial on OmegaFi’s sorority financial management software.

"Vault has enabled me to efficiently do my job as Finance Vice President. It is easy. Everything I need is in one place. Some of the most helpful features are Bill Pay, Billing Roster, and the Account Registers section. These let me see my chapter’s most useful information very easily and whenever I want to."

Rachel Burkholder

Alpha Delta Pi - University of Arizona

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Mobile App

OmegaFi provide members and parents the convenience of paying their bill, accessing their account, and communicating with members via their mobile phones through the free myOmegaFi app.

Make fraternity financial management mobile with easy-to-use apps.