More Dues. Less Stress.

Collect 20% more dues with the billing & payments software created specifically for chapters, clubs & groups

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Budget & Track

OmegaFi's billing and payments software options offer tools to help you build your organization's budget and keep track of finances.

Chapters can quickly and easily set up their dues, send invoices to members and parents, and easily collect money.

Sororities and fraternities can more easily manage their finances with budget and tracking solutions from OmegaFi.

In-App Tools That Make Running A Chapter Easier

Automated bill pay and budgeting, one-click financial reports, unlimited financial accounts with synced debit cards and more make your job significantly easier.

Our team of experts provide regular recorded webinars and a complete online library of helpful articles to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your selected billing and  payments software experience.

Safety & Security That Comes Standard 

Some software companies don’t want to adjust their security standards to accommodate changes to state laws – which leaves their clients vulnerable.

We've got billing & payments software that's always up-to-date with the latest financial security and safety standards.

  • We monitor security trends & implement new security standards; monitor for hackers; and install the latest security patches
  • All products support standard SSO capabilities
  • We maintain annual PCI and SOC Level 1 compliance
  • We annually audit any system that handles credit card data
  • Our products leverage database encryption- at-rest
  • We store customer backup data securely off-site

Track Spending & Raise Money

Both of our billing and payments software soutions give chapters and alumni/ae groups easy access to their money and minimize risk.  

No more tracking down paper receipts or paper check reimbursements. Collegiate or alumni/ae groups can buy supplies online, in-app or in-store. 

LegFi specifically offers simple fundraising with cashless, secure one-time and recurring donations; create and share donation campaign websites and track campaign progress 24/7. 

Mobile App

OmegaFi's two billing and payments software options offer a convenient way to pay bills, access an account, and communicate with members via a mobile device. Simply download the free myOmegaFi app.

Make fraternity financial management mobile with easy-to-use apps.

Vault API Documentation

Looking to integrate Vault with your own third-party database? With existing integrations with industry leaders, including  Salesforce, iMIS and Compass, and its own API, Vault is the most agile financial management software for fraternities, sororities, student clubs and more. The Vault API allows you and your software solutions to efficiently and safely access your data.

Request access to our Vault API documentation: Email


LegFi API Documentation

Looking to integrate LegFi with your own third-party database? The LegFi API allows you and your software solutions to efficiently work together.

Request access to our LegFi API documentation by emailing

Check out Rachel Burkholder’s testimonial on OmegaFi’s sorority financial management software.

"Vault has enabled me to efficiently do my job as Finance Vice President. It is easy. Everything I need is in one place. Some of the most helpful features are Bill Pay, Billing Roster, and the Account Registers section. These let me see my chapter’s most useful information very easily and whenever I want to."

Rachel Burkholder

Alpha Delta Pi - University of Arizona

More Testimonials
Check out Brennan Ramash’s testimonial on OmegaFi’s fraternity financial management software.

"OmegaFi provides me with all the tools and support I need to effectively manage my chapter’s finances. The website is very easy to use, and the account managers are always willing to assist with anything I need help with. As a full-time student, this all-in-one financial management is invaluable to me and my chapter."

Brennan Romash

Phi Kappa Psi - Florida State University

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