Our expert team and easy-to-use, secure software helps chapters, alumni/ae associations, house corporations and inter/national headquarters manage finances, simplify administrative tasks, recruit new members, and connect with each other.

OmegaFi has partnerships with nearly 60 inter/national member-based organizations; and our products are used at more than 650 campuses across the country.

Billing & Payments

Join the nearly 180,000 software users who pay dues and bills easily and on-time; and manage your chapter’s entire financial operations with a few clicks.

No matter your chapter’s size or budget, our advanced billing and payments solutions turn awkward conversations, missed bills, and low balances into relics of the past.

  • Increase dues payments by 20%
  • Unlimited free financial accounts with FDIC security
  • Unlimited free debit cards
  • Security & spending controls
  • Automated bill pay
  • Automatic budget calculators and reports
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Chapter & Group Communications

Stay organized, keep members engaged, and keep your chapter safe during emergencies.

OmegaOne is the only chapter communications solution that tracks attendance, helps plan events, shares calendars, provides group chats, and includes the most advanced emergency check-in system. 

  • Mobile app with integrated chat
  • Shared calendar
  • Track event attendance
  • Manage points system
  • Fast emergency check-in
  • Automated reminders

Chapter & Campus Recruitment 

Turn stress into seamless, organized processes with our campus and chapter recruitment tools.

Whether you’re a campus managing thousands of potential new members; a fraternity trying to rebuild your chapter’s legacy; or a sorority hoping to get all your favorite potential new members, we have an affordable software solution for you. 

Campus recruitment (ICS)
  • No more hand-matching
  • Secure registration, payments & access
  • Automated matching
  • Manage daily & final selections
  • User-friendly reporting
  • Superior customer service
  • Compliant with federal & state requirements

Chapter recruitment (OmegaRecruit)
  • Fast mobile voting
  • User-friendly reporting
  • PNM photo and information directory
  • Export data to Excel & create custom views
  • Create custom PNM groups and PNM profile tags  university-provided information 
  • Match active members and PNMs with common interests 
  • Seamlessly integrates with ICS & updates automatically with university info
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Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Filing

Did someone make sure the utility bills got paid? What about the meal plan? Who filed last year’s IRS 990 Form?

Our professional team of accountants and tax-filing experts have you covered, offering support by the hour; or a bundle of hours at a discounted rate. 

  • Automated tax-filing services 
  • Help with unique tax issues
  • Managed reinstatement, extensions & more
  • Dedicated team that manages billing, payments & more

Membership Platform & Billing Software

OmegaFi offers three best-in-class membership platform + billing software solutions that scale with you.

Each option offers secure, user-friendly, fast access to important data points that help you create a thriving member-based community:

  • Affordable out-of-the-box database software tool with custom reporting
  • Use an association management software tool that leverages the power of Salesforce
  • Select a software tool that integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem (Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Power BI)

We've Got Raving Fans

"OmegaFi provides me with all the tools and support I need to effectively manage my chapter’s finances. The website is very easy to use, and the account managers are always willing to assist with anything I need help with. As a full-time student, this all-in-one financial management is invaluable to me and my chapter."


Brennan Romash
Phi Kappa Psi - Florida State University
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