Option 1: Leverage the power of Salesforce with association management software that provides a 360-degree view of members to inform decision-making

  • 360+ customers ​
  • 100% Native Salesforce App​
  • 96% customer retention​
  • Compatible with 4,000+ Salesforce AppExchange apps​
  • $1B+ invested annually by Salesforce in infrastructure development​
  • Another $1B+ annual investment in security​
  • The top-Rated Association Platform built on Salesforce



Fonteva Dashboard
Protech Dashboard 1

Option 2: Software that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power BI

  • Personalize member experiences with site customizations and membership portals
  • Coordinate event management and expedite the process
  • Empower members to manage professional development goals
  • Drive new revenue with streamlined association fundraising capabilities
  • Create a branded e-Commerce website 
  • Process member transactions securely and maintain healthy financials
  • Stimulate member engagement with personalized marketing materials and Microsoft integrations
  • Use Microsoft’s Power BI to arm your association with reports and analysis



An easy-to-use dashboard that you can customize to your chapter’s needs is an important feature of a sorority or fraternity database.

Option 3: Affordable out-of-the-box database software tool

Use custom reporting capability that tracks 1 million+ records, created exclusively for member-based organizations using customer workflow-based design. 

  • Software set up to be intuitive – no special training required
  • Manage member data from undergraduate to chapter eternal. 
  • Create and save reports from 160+ pre-loaded data points
  • Add custom data points using your organization’s terminology such as “VP of Finance” vs. “Treasurer” 
  • Integrate with nearly a dozen fundraising, communications and billing softwares
  • Manage events, bill chapters, store fundraising data 

API Documentation

Clients, third-party software platforms and developers get a way to efficiently and safely integrate data between software platforms. 

To get access to our database API documentation, email: professionalservices@omegafi.com