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Meet the Team

We are a Georgia-based team enthusiastically helping chapters all across the nation make more money and worry less. Since our founding in 1992, we have continued to search for a better way to help the fraternity/sorority community, our customers and our fellow co-workers.


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Company Culture Built to Last

We aren’t just innovating technology for the greek community, we are also busy redefining what company culture means. We’re a team of varying personalities–everything from D&D enthusiasts to big Kentucky Derby hat wearers–yet we all subscribe to the values of our company. Just like your chapter, we come from different places, but we rally together to do the business of greek life.


Meet the Team

OmegaFi houses a team of talented and engaged people who use their strengths every day to further the goals of the  fraternity and sorority community.

Kim Acree

Kim Acree, National Services Specialist B

Kim’s southern voice is a dead-give-a-way that she is a true Georgia Peach. Her customers recognize her voice immediately and upon hearing it, they know to expect from her the exceptional level of customer service that sets OmegaFi apart from all the rest. Kim will always remain a “kid at heart,” which allows her to help plan fun events at OmegaFi as well as at home for her family. Catch her in the break room and she’ll share great stories about her teenagers, Ashley and Taylor. When they can get away, Kim and her husband Jeremy love to go to the movies and to the beach.

A.J. Allen

A.J. Allen, Customer Service Coordinator - ABC Sports

AJ takes her job seriously despite her love for practical jokes. When she’s not day dreaming about being on the show, Impractical Jokers, AJ is spending time with her beloved pups, Maverick and Rou, trying her hand at calligraphy and other art projects. When she really wants to relax she watches television with the captions on!

JaDon Bell

JaDon Bell, National Services Specialist B

When the music from “The Young and The Restless” reach their ears, JaDon’s twins, Lilly and Elizabeth, and hubby Brent know it’s “mommy time” at home. Along with the soaps, this army brat also loves to watch scary movies, and to yell “Roll Tide” during Alabama’s football games. Springtime family outings take place at a local high school baseball game. Their favorite? Central High - “Go Red Devils!”

Sheryl Bell

Sheryl Bell, Director of Customer Success

Sheryl’s bigger-than-life personality comes in handy as she eagerly “sells” OmegaFi to her chapter prospects. Her extensive knowledge and personal participation in Greek life allows her to relate to them easily and to provide a quick answer to all their questions. Sheryl received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Spanish, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and went on to get her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Auburn University. The importance of guiding children is evident in the many young lives that Sheryl and her husband Matt touch in their role as Youth Leaders at their church. You can see it also on Friday nights as Matt coaches the Central High School Red Devil’s football team while Sheryl and their two adorable girls loudly cheer them on.

Tiffany Blackwood

Tiffany Blackwood, Chapter Services Representative

Tiffany sure isn’t in Kansas anymore! Tiffany hails from Lincoln, KS and we sure are glad she made her way south. Currently residing just over the river, Tiffany enjoys family time with her husband and two children, Noah and Gracelyn. What do potlucks and photography have in common for Tiffany? She loves them both equally! Sharing covered dishes with loved ones and the ‘click, click’ of a camera bring this girl joy.

Amanda Bramley

Amanda Bramley, Fulfillment Representative

Amanda is always on the run....literally. With a goal to run a half marathon every month, you will most likely see Amanda hitting the streets in her running shoes chasing that goal. Since she set that goal she has run a half marathon every month since January 2017 and actually completed her first full marathon in March of 2018. When it's time for rest and relaxation, Amanda spends time at home with her husband Robert, son Daniel, loyal pup Kona and feline friend, Pepper.

Laura Bright

Laura Bright, Customer Service Coordinator - GINsystem

Her name says it all, as she doesn’t mind the bright lights or the limelight. Laura majored in film studies with a minor in theater at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She has been involved with the theater for over 15 years, but when she’s not entertaining the masses she is spending time with her husband Derek and their two yorkies, Mosby and LT. I wonder if she dresses them up for all the comic conventions she attends.

Ashley Cardona

Ashley Cardona, Web Developer I

Ashley is a graduate of Columbus State University and her degree in Applied Computer Science benefits her well in her position as Web Application Developer here at OmegaFi. Ashley’s attire normally includes a bike helmet as she spends many evening and weekend hours riding bikes with her husband, Jose. Along with biking, Ashley also enjoys vacationing in the mountains and spending time outdoors with family, friends and her pets.

Ally Carpenter

Ally Carpenter, GINsystem Specialist

Ally received her degree in Communications – Public Relations from Kennesaw State University. Her extensive involvement with AOTT and her internship at Alpha Omicron Pi International HQ provide her with an understanding of the needs of her chapters. Her dedication to her chapters is apparent as she performs her Account Manager duties throughout the day. Her main goal is to keep her chapters on track and in good standing. In her spare time, Ally enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, cheering for her Georgia Bull Dogs, shopping for antiques and most of all, spending time with her puppy, Gigi.

Deanna Christiansen

Deanna Christiansen, Chapter Services Representative

Seeing double? You certainly are when you see Deanna and her twin sister standing next to each other. Originally from New York Deanna attended the State University of New York at Oswego where she earned a degree in Human Development and became a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority. Deanna spends her free time outside which includes going to concerts, traveling to the beach and lounging by the pool. Now that she lives in the south she has more months to enjoy the great outdoors. We are sure her two cats, Kit Purrington and Katniss are volunteering as tribute to sunbath with her.

Laura Cole

Laura Cole, Director of Strategic Initiatives

As she participates in activities such as two marathons and a number of half marathons and triathlons, Laura knows how to set the pace here at OmegaFi. Her motivation and drive not only propel her into success in the athletic arena, but also at OmegaFi in her role as Director of Advancement. Laura’s well-rounded personality and involvement as the Recruitment Coordinator for the South Central region of Tri Delta and seven years of fundraising experience with OmegaFi make her an invaluable OmegaFi team member. Laura, her husband, Eric, and their son enjoy trying out new restaurants, traveling – especially to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and spending time with their pets, Dezzy and Chase. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in Public and Corporate Communication as well as a Master of Science in Higher Education.

Molly Coleman

Molly Coleman, Chapter Services Representative

Be Molly's guest since she loves to play host! Entertaining friends and family inside her impeccably decorated home (that she designed herself) is where you will find her and her husband, Trammell, on the weekends. If you get real lucky, she may even bust out a few dance moves form her formal training as a jazz, tap and ballet dancer to take the evening to the next level. When Molly isn't planning for the event of the season, you can find her relaxing with her paint brush in hand.

Sarah Cordell

Sarah Cordell, Senior Chapter Services Representative

Sarah’s hometown is Columbus and she has worn many hats here at OmegaFi – Customer Service Representative, Member Parent Relations Coordinator and currently, Senior Account Manager. Sarah believes the camaraderie and atmosphere she experiences daily are her favorite parts of OmegaFi. She loves to sing and often dreamt of finding stardom on Broadway as Eponine in the musical “Les Miserable.” During college football season, you will hear “Roll Tide,” and “War Eagle” coming from her home as she cheers on the ‘Tide’ while her husband, Howard, cheers just as loudly for Auburn. In her spare time, Sarah loves to hang out with her husband and her children, as well as read romance novels.

Logan Cotton

Logan Cotton, Client Services Manager

Don’t bother looking inside for this Senior Account Manager in the evenings or on the weekends as most likely, you will find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband and son. Logan also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, four wheeling and fishing. When vacation time rolls around, you will see her heading to her favorite vacation spot, the beach.

Meghan Culberson

Meghan Culberson, National Services Specialist A

Idleness is not part of Meghan’s vocabulary. When she isn’t busy looking after her chapter’s accounts, Meghan and her children enjoy traveling, reading and cheering for the Florida Gators. Prior to joining OmegaFi, Meghan earned her B.A. in English at Columbus State University. She is also an alumna of Delta Zeta.

Jack Culverson

Jack Culverson , Business Analyst I

A veteran of the United States Air Force and the first in his family to graduate from high school and college, Jack has what it takes to succeed. There are two sides to this coin - in addition to being ambitious, he describes himself as “incredibly laid back”. On his off time, Jack enjoys gaming and when the weather is right, going for a swim. He can also throw a mean breaking ball. Let’s hope his dog, Flint is really good at fetch!

Dyanne David

Dyanne David, Chapter Services Representative

Don’t challenge Dyanne to dance off, because you will surely lose. She is trained in ballet, tap, jazz and cultural dances she learned growing up in her local Filipino community. When she’s not dancing her heart out she is spending time exploring the big world of makeup and fashion to contribute to her lifestyle blog. She will take a break from her blog audience to bake and eat sweet treats.

Chanethia Davis

Chanethia Davis, Web Developer I

Chanethia travels through space and time with her love for novels (specially the romance and dystopian sci-fi variety). She puts the average book worm to shame as she admits that she loves to read so much she sometimes forgets to eat! When she does take time to look beyond the bind, she likes to sit down to a big fat helping of sweets, which surprisingly excludes chocolate, whip cream, coconut and peanut butter. Books and sweets aside, her perfect day involves walking around the streets of Japan, a place she grew to love during her two week study abroad program.

Brandon Dean

Brandon Dean, Customer Success Manager

Brandon’s philosophy of “giving back” is evident in the time he puts in to community service and the two philanthropy events he and his Pi Kappa Alpha brothers helped to create while at CSU. Brandon enjoyed Greek Life while achieving his BBA in Management and Finance at Columbus State University.

Samantha Dixon

Samantha Dixon, Customer Success Manager

Elvis is still alive, well at least in the hearts of his fans. Account Manager Samantha Dixon became obsessed with Elvis Presley and his music at the young age of 8 years old and he is one of the reasons she decided to start learning how to play the guitar. Samantha attended Oglethorpe University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communications and Rhetoric Studies and became a member of Chi Omega. Samantha also had the great opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy while attending college. She found time during study breaks to enjoy the culture and sites of Rome. Besides her love of Elvis’ music, Samantha loves to travel, watch movies and to hang out with her dad as they enjoy the outdoors. She is also a Games of Thrones addict. If you missed any episodes, she can fill you in on what happened and is sure to win any trivia games featuring Games of Thrones questions.

Shannon Ducker

Shannon Ducker, Senior Chapter Services Representative

Shannon’s hometown is in sunny California but she brought the sunshine with her when she moved to Georgia. Her heart’s desire is to travel to all 50 states and this desire looks easily obtainable, as she’s graced 23 states so far with her cheerfulness and outgoing personality. Many a friend she has made in her travels as she never meets a stranger. Family, faith and friends are an important part of Shannon’s life and they keep her very busy. During OmegaFi’s bake sales and other events, Shannon shows off her amazing baking skills as she delivers great tasting and looking cupcakes. She also knows how to make any conversation interesting as she incorporates songs and movie quotes at a drop of a hat.

Jennifer Dunnivan

Jennifer Dunnivan, Customer Support Specialist - Finance

Jennifer, her husband Dwayne and their two sons reside in Columbus, Georgia. Jennifer attended Columbus State University and majored in Business Administration. She began her career with OmegaFi in 2002 as our receptionist. She currently serves as a Bill Pay Manager. Jennifer says the best thing about her time at OmegaFi is her life-long friends who she knows she can always depend upon. When she’s not assisting chapters to organize and streamline their Bill Pay accounts, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband Dwayne and their two sons, photography, and cheering on the Auburn Tigers.

David Ebner

David Ebner, VP - Marketing

Creativity flows through our VP-Marketing's veins like coffee from an espresso machine. David’s outgoing personality, blog knowledge, remarkable marketing schemes and caffeine stimulation put OmegaFi over the top in the marketing world. David is a native of Barberton, OH and currently lives in Tampa, FL. He received his B.A. in English from the University of South Florida and MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Tampa. David is an alumnus of Chi Phi and joined this excellent group of men in 2007. He continues to be active with his fraternity and brothers as well as with the National Office where he held the office of Senior Field Executive during 2010 – 2013. 

Krystee Edwards

Krystee Edwards, VP - Sales

Krystee is a graduate of Troy State and she began her career at OmegaFi fresh out of college. Over the years, Krystee’s many roles within Operations helped to develop her wealth of knowledge and led her to her current position as Director of Sales. Krystee’s involvement with OmegaFi for many years shows all of us that the possibilities with this company are truly limitless. She works hard to develop and foster lasting relationships within the Greek community. She loves to see OmegaFi in action as we help to increase efficiencies at all levels of each organization with whom we work. Krystee has family ties to Auburn University, and it is where she and her husband first met as students. She loves going with her family to Auburn football games and watching her two boys romp around on the campus.

Charese Elver

Charese Elver, Chapter Services Representative

Charese lives her life enjoying the three R’s…running, reading and riding (ATV’s and horses)! She includes her daughter Serenity Isabella and beloved pet Betty on her adventures. Let’s just hope she doesn’t run into a bug because that may really interfere with her love for the outdoors.  

Aaron Fermin

Aaron Fermin, Web Developer I

Aaron is studying to obtain his degree in computer science from the university just around the corner from OmegaFi, Columbus State University. Along with his degree, Aaron brings his “can do” attitude to any project or task assigned to him. When Aaron isn’t sitting behind a computer for work or school, he is spending time with his wife Kelsi in the great outdoors

Kelsi Fermin

Kelsi Fermin, Member/Parent Relations Representative

Kelsi is a “Jane of all trades”. In addition to her BS degree in Sociology, she is also skilled when it comes to gaming, hiking, fishing, sewing, gardening and any and every home improvement project. She has experience in raising farm animals as well. Just when you thought her to-do list couldn’t get any longer, she aspires to explore as many bodies of water as possible, including but not limited to the Great Lakes, Dead Sea, Nile River, Arctic Ocean and Colorado River. Her husband, Aaron, will tag along as her plus 1 on those adventures into the deep blue.

Carey Freiler

Carey Freiler, Senior Chapter Services Representative

Carey’s number one dream is to travel around the world. She knows no dream is too big or can’t come true and according to Walt E. Disney, “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Carey’s love of history will make her travels even more interesting and enjoyable. Carey’s hometown is Americus, Georgia and is where she attended South Georgia Technical College and studied Marketing Management. She and her husband, Ricky, decided to make their home in Columbus, Ga., but make time for family and friends in Americus as often as possible. Life in Columbus is never boring; their daughter, Chavigny Jane, entertains them daily with her giggles, sassiness, colored pictures and new adventures.

Savannah Garner

Savannah Garner, Chapter Services Representative

Savannah graduated from Columbus State University and is a sister of Phi Mu Fraternity. She is a lover of the great outdoors - whether she is hiking, kayaking, camping or just running around in the sunshine. She plans to hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail totaling 23 miles! With that being said she is not above a good Netflix binge. She has watched all nine seasons of The Office three times. If that isn’t a Netflix badge of honor we don’t know what is. Savannah has also flown in a plane over 30 times! Her travel companion and husband, Christopher, don't plan on stopping anytime soon. She just needs to get their beloved pet’s Ava and Ginger on the next flight.

Tanner Gill

Tanner Gill, Chapter Services Representative

Tanner has a lot of interests and hobbies but enjoys it when his love for music and travel merge together. Tanner has traveled to Mexico, the Bahamas and half of the states in the US pursuing those two passions. After graduating from Columbus State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Tanner decided he wanted to instruct. You can find him teaching guitar lessons at the Columbus School of Music and Dance. When he doesn't have a guitar in his hand you can find him playing the piano, drums, mandolin, bass guitar or the ukulele. Tanner really is a one man band!

Corey Greer

Corey Greer, Web Developer II - Resource Manager

You won’t see our Web Application Developer, Corey Greer, only immersed in computers, you’ll also find him tinkering with truck engines, wiring and remodeling homes, exploring nearby and far away woods or watching movies. On any given day away from work, he is apt to throw his gear into his car and head off to some unknown destination where he can chat with the locals and try out their unique cuisine. One day, Corey hopes to include seeing the beautiful Northern Lights in his travels. Family time is important to Corey, and he enjoys the frequent trips to Miami, FL so he can hang out with his extended family.

Jennifer Hadden

Jennifer Hadden, VP - Operations

Jennifer came to work for OmegaFi as an Account Manager in 2003. She has since moved into the Director of Chapter Services position and says she is very proud to be a part of a team that works together every day to see chapters thrive financially. Jennifer’s team knows they can always depend on her for a smile and a giggle. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her family, read, cook, watch college football and most of all – travel to Disney World.

Caitlin Hannah

Caitlin Hannah, Sales Representative

Caitlin is no stranger to making a move, which is a great quality in a sales representative. Born in Maine, grew up in Morgantown, WV, lived in Germany, studied in Costa Rica, attended The University of Georgia and now lives in Columbus, GA. Even with all those travels she still aspires to visit Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. She will be sure to bring her miniature schnauzer, Cooper, as one of her carry-on items. During her time at UGA, Caitlin received her B.A. in International Affairs and served as Sigma Kappa’s delegate to the Panhellenic Council.

Katie Hayward

Katie Hayward, Chapter Services Representative

Whether she’s watching at home or tailgating by Jordan-Hare Stadium, you won’t see Katie missing an Auburn football game. While attending Columbus State University, Katie received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature which comes in handy when crafting a well-appointed football cheer. Katie enjoys spending time at the beach (where she hopes to one day learn how to surf) with her husband Ryan and their four children. Don’t forget Lutz, the family dog!

Megan Henderson

Megan Henderson, Fulfillment Coordinator

Megan graduated from Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Her business savvy skills have made her an expert bargain shopper among friends and family. She is often consulted by them before they buy to make sure they are getting the best deal. However,  Megan isn't all business all the time. On her days off you can often find her traveling near and far to attend concerts featuring her favorite bands. She may even detour to hit up the beach with friends.

Megan Herman

Megan Herman, Sales Representative

Smith Station, AL is where this Fayetteville, NC native calls home. Megan is a graduate from Columbus State University with a degree in Exercise Science. She always has a smile for everyone and you can hear it in her voice as she speaks to our customers on the phone. She is eager to please, finds great satisfaction in helping others and believes in a job well done. In her spare time, Megan loves to bake, cook, exercise, spend time with her little nephew and shop around for colorful nail polish and unique wine glasses. One of her most steadfast memories from her childhood is of looking up at the twin towers in New York City.

Lonnie Hernandez

Lonnie Hernandez, Receptionist

Lonnie was born and raised in Salinas, CA but would rather be in Corpus Christi, TX. Why? Because it is home to one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century, Selena Quintanilla! Lonnie is the ultimate super fan and aspires to visit a museum in the late singers honor one day. Until then, she will continue to sing her heart out at home to Selena’s music. When her vocal cords need a rest you can find her and her husband, John, indulging in a good ol’ fashioned Netflix binge. Need this bio translated in to Spanish? Lonnie is fluent in the language and can help you out.

Amanda Hicks

Amanda Hicks, Customer Support Specialist - Finance

Thankfully, for OmegaFi, this Alpha Xi Delta alumna did not choose to earn a degree in farming. Instead, she chose to earn a degree in Information Technology and an MBA in Finance from Grand Canyon University. Her education, alumna association, along with her previous experience in the United States Navy as an information systems technician, provide OmegaFi and our customers with a high level of support and customer service. Amanda spends her free time with her husband and their four-legged fur babies – their “bagel” Freckles who is a mixture of beagle and basset hound and their beagle, Sadie. She continues to travel the world, but mostly on cruises these days.

Taylor Holt

Taylor Holt, Customer Support Manager

Whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall, you will find OmegaFi’s outgoing receptionist, Taylor, having fun in the great outdoors with her daughter, Brylee, and husband, Bryce. When rainy weather drives them inside, Taylor enjoys making crafts, baking and movie nights with family and friends.

Chris Horne

Chris Horne, Mobile Application Service Developer I

Chris is quite versatile. He not only writes programs, creates website and codes games, he also writes stories. Don’t worry, he changes the names to protect the “not so innocent” in his writings. When he isn’t writing or coding, he and his wife, Nikki, enjoy hours of gaming. Chris is a native of LaGrange, GA and obtained his degree in Computer Science from the University of West Georgia.

Kristen Humber

Kristen Humber, Product Manager

Kristen is a graduate of Columbus State University with a degree in Marketing and is an alumna of Phi Mu Fraternity.  Over the years, Kristen has held many roles at OmegaFi, which has helped her to develop a deep understanding of, and passion for, the Greek community and the ways in which OmegaFi fosters its growth. She brings this knowledge, and her love of organization and optimization, to her role as Project Manager where she promotes a collaborative, focused and productive environment to facilitate the development and completion of meaningful and impactful deliverables. Kristen loves to learn and is always on the hunt for new tactics or methodologies to improve all areas of her life, both personal and professional.  When she isn’t listening to audio books or podcasts, you’ll find her and her husband, Clark, having fun with their two sons, (probably with the soundtrack of Moana on in the background) spending time with friends and family, or enjoying the outdoors.

Rosie Hyneman

Rosie Hyneman, Chapter Services Representative

Rosie is a graduate of the University of Georgia (Go Bulldogs!) with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. What do Europe and good wine have in common? Rosie loves them both equally! So much so, Rosie’s husband, Blair, proposed at a winery in Sonoma, California. To top it off, while studying abroad in Europe, Rosie went sky-diving over the beautiful landscape in Austria. Her next adventure involves traveling to France so make sure to stay tuned to see what she gets into. In the meantime, you can find her spending time with friends and family.

Kendall Jimmerson

Kendall Jimmerson, Chapter Services Representative

Kendall’s hometown is Wetumpka, AL, but she now calls Columbus, GA her home. Her son, Ryan, keeps her busy in the evenings and on weekends as she helps him discover new things. Kendall also finds time to enjoy painting, Braves baseball games, reading and volunteering in her church nursery. Her life-long dream is to see the world as she travels to foreign countries.

Megan Johns

Megan Johns, National Services Specialist A

Megan Johns, one of Delta Zeta’s alumna sisters, is a graduate of Columbus State University with a degree in Business Management. When she isn’t busy at OmegaFi filling her role as Foundation Manager, Megan enjoys spending time with family and friends, and traveling as much as possible. She recently found two new passions, tennis and ziplining. No, Megan isn’t ziplining across the tennis courts, but through the exotic forests of Costa Rica. As soon as she finds some zip lines closer to home though, she's so there!

Ariel Johnson

Ariel Johnson, Web Developer I

Ariel has a variety of interests with her gospel singing group, Chosen, being at the top of her list. She graduated as magna cum laude from Columbus State with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

John Johnson

John Johnson, Web Developer I

John is a fan of everything tech - including but not limited to video games and video editing/3D animation. Sky is the limit with John's interest in astronomy. You may be able to find him and his dog, Kaiser, star gazing. He hopes to one day earn a pilot’s license and to visit Japan. Maybe he will fly himself there!

Ashlan Kelly

Ashlan Kelly, Customer Service Coordinator - ABC Sports

Ashlan is a brave women, especially since she isn't afraid to admit she loves pineapple pizza ::collective gasp::. But we can forgive her since she makes up for it with her desire to one day travel the world as a missionary. On any given day, you can find her spending time at the gym, church, or with her friends and family at the beach or on their hunting land. She is also always up for a road trip to her home state of Florida. Just don't forget the Dunkin' Donuts!

Robert King

Robert King, Database Developer

Bob is no stranger to being tested. He received his Associates degree in Information Technology and Networking from Chattahoochee Valley Community College and is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (with a concentration in Cyber Security) from Columbus State University. If that wasn’t enough, Bob willingly and enthusiastically participates in cyber security competitions nationwide. He hopes all that screen time will help him win a major eSports event someday.

Sandy Knight

Sandy Knight, Chapter Services Representative

Sandy graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Accounting. She loves coffee and the Buckeyes! We are sure her sports caster boyfriend, Scott, enjoys having someone to talk shop with. Sandy also enjoys reading, running and serving up the latest and greatest Pinterest recipe.

Patrick Kuykendall

Patrick Kuykendall, Senior Mobile Application Service Developer - Resource Manager

Patrick is a man of many talents. He can tinker with gadgets and make them perform more functions than their normal capacity; he can play the Bass Guitar, as well as rock the house as a DJ. And, that’s not all folks; bowling is right up his “alley.” He's adept at the sport with strikes and spares, but was once even the mighty Captain of the Scholars’ Bowl Team (the "bowl" you use your brain for)! Even though Patrick has many extracurricular activities, he found time to earn a B.S. in Computer Science at Columbus State University and to find and marry his bride, Kari. Fortunately, for OmegaFi and our customers, the talents he gained through that education landed him in our IT Department as a Mobile Application/ Service Developer and we know that we are lucky to have him.

Andrew Leuer

Andrew Leuer, Chapter Services Representative

Andrew graduated from Columbus State University with a degree in History and Communications. He is also the founding father of his Phi Kappa Tau chapter at CSU. Prior to CSU, he attended the University of North Georgia on a soccer scholarship. He is a fan of Atlanta’s pro soccer team, Atlanta United FC. When soccer season is out you will find him rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons. Andrew grew up simultaneously in the United States and Guatemala during his childhood. Any free time that Andrew has is spent traveling around the world.

Diana Lomarcan

Diana Lomarcan, Web Developer II

Diana is a true Renaissance woman, in every sense of the term. Earning a degree in Humanities from Michigan State University with a concentration Classical Western Civilization and a degree in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University. On top of her many talents and areas of knowledge she enjoys spending many spring weekends at Renaissance Festivals in full costume. When she's not jaunting around festivals, you can find her at home with her family and an ever-changing number of cats cooking up sweet treats.

Amber Loveless

Amber Loveless, Customer Service Coordinator

Don’t let the name fool you, Amber has a lot of love to give. Especially to her German Shepard/Pitbull mix pup named Chibs. She also loves a good Netflix binge, mixing up new and fun libations on the weekends, traveling and testing out new makeup techniques. On top of all that, she hopes to one day snuggle with a baby elephant. But then again who doesn’t want to snuggle baby animals?!

Fred Maglione

Fred Maglione, Chief Executive Officer

With primary responsibility for leading the day-to-day operations of the entire OmegaFi Company, Fred’s duties vary from one moment to the next. Advising nonprofit organizations on operational efficiency, expanding payment processing solutions, developing database management systems, raising money and enhancing our customer’s experience are all part of his job. As an attorney with nearly 20 years of experience in the nonprofit management industry, Fred has earned the prestigious designation of "Certified Fund Raising Executive" from CFRE International. He voluntarily serves as the House Corporation President for the Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega, and is licensed to practice law in the states of Florida and Georgia. Away from work Fred, enjoys time with his wife and their two energetic sons. As often as possible, they travel to visit their extended family scattered throughout the United States. Fred also finds time to cheer for his favorite football team – The Florida State Seminoles!

Kari Mays

Kari Mays, Senior Chapter Services Representative

Sitting still is not for this girl. She and her husband, Christopher, fill their evening and weekend hours playing with squealing piglets, chasing chickens, riding bikes and fishing in the lake with her family at her parent’s farm. Kari also loves kickboxing and to travel to new and exciting places. Her future travel plans include cruising to Alaska, Fiji and Ireland.

Mitch McCoy

Mitch McCoy, Lead Web Application Developer - Resource Manager

Mitch McCoy joined Omega Financial in March 2010 as a Senior Web Developer. He has over 10 years of web development experience with a Fortune 500 company and extensive knowledge in user interface design. Mitch received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Columbus State University. In his free time, Mitch and his wife enjoy hiking, playing tennis, and cheering on the Crimson Tide.

Casey McDaniel

Casey McDaniel, National Services Specialist A

Well-rounded Casey is a graduate from Columbus Technical College with a Degree in Computer Science, specializing in Computer Networking. She's worked as a professional choreographer and coached several cheerleading teams that achieved state and national titles. Her cheerful attitude is contagious and you can always hear her speaking enthusiastically with our National customers. When she’s not at OmegaFi, Casey enjoys shopping, spending time with her husband and their daughter, and having fun at the beach!

Heather McLeod

Heather McLeod, Director of National Services

Heather McLeod is originally from Auburn, Alabama but now calls Columbus, Georgia home where she lives with her husband, Brian and two sons. Although she may not reside in Auburn, her heart bleeds blue and orange and she is proud to cheer “War Eagle!” during the fall for her Auburn Tigers. Heather is a graduate of Columbus State with a degree in accounting and a minor in finance. She puts her accounting skills to good use in her position as the Director of National Services at OmegaFi. In her time off, Heather enjoys her role as “Team Mom” for her son’s baseball team, where her husband also coaches. She also enjoys reading, and watching the Braves.

Stacy Mellina

Stacy Mellina, Product Manager

Our Account Management Coordinator is an army brat and has four sisters and one brother of which she is the oldest of the girls. Stacy found a perfect fit in the hometown feel of the ever-expanding OmegaFi. Her background in Accounting/Finance prior to OmegaFi, as well as time spent previously at OmegaFi as an Account Manager, Senior Account Manager and Account Manager Specialist give her the knowledge she needs to guide her team proficiently. During non-working hours, Stacy loves to spend time with her husband Dawson as they restore their hobby car – a 66 Chevy Nova II. That is when they aren't busy running around to soccer games and cross country meets to watch their son Austin or listen to their daughter Samantha play the violin in her school orchestra, When she isn’t dedicating herself to OmegaFi or her family, you will find her enjoying a good book, movie, hiking or playing sports.

Stan Merritt

Stan Merritt, Brand Manager | Pennington & Co.

Stan graduated from the University of Georgia with a Juris Doctor degree and Bachelors in Business Administration. He is also  a member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity and still active with his brothers today! This lawyer has no objections to calling in sick to the judge to go fishing, which he claims he knew how to do before he was able to walk! We'll take his word for it. Besides the fishing hole, Stan would prefer to spend his time in the mountains or in Ireland.

Rebekah Mitchell

Rebekah Mitchell, Customer Support Coordinator

Rebekah and her husband Josh, enjoy romping around with their fun-loving, four-legged children, Molly (Treeing Walker Coonhound), Scout (Beagle/Rat Terrier Mix) and Tolkien (brown and white tabby cat). On days when they want to shut out the world and relax, you’ll find them binging on Netflix shows and watching Lord of the Rings.

Anthony Monroe

Anthony Monroe, Website Manager

When it comes to handling things, this lefty can usually manage what comes his way. Unless it’s icing on a birthday cake. That will send him over the edge. However, he does enjoy automobile repair, experimenting with 3D printing and camping, where he can put his Eagle Scout skills to the test. If he runs into trouble while exploring the great outdoors, his dogs Maverick and Rougaru will come to the rescue! Anthony aspires to learn 5 different languages so he can say “no icing on my birthday cake” to anyone who may ask.

Kelly Mueller

Kelly Mueller, Senior Client Services Manager

Kelly has patience down to an art. Her personality traits range from straightforward and decisive, to fair and logical, which helps her in her role as Account Management Coordinator at OmegaFi. When her time isn’t spent guiding her team of Account Managers, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband and children as well as with their group of family and friends.

Carson Olvera

Carson Olvera, Customer Support Specialist - Finance

Carson looks forward each day to returning home from work or after spending time with family and friends, as her pets, Carly and Gemma, always great her at the door with excited yelps of welcome and doggy kisses. After spending her day taking excellent care of OmegaFi’s customers, Carson enjoys hanging out with her friends, cooking up new recipes and reading. One day she plans to check off her number one item on her bucket list - traveling across Europe. Carson is a graduate of Columbus State University with a degree in Bachelor of Science Sociology.

Francesca Panto

Francesca Panto, Senior Brand Manager

Fran is a native of the San Francisco Bay area. She is a graduate of Columbus State University with a degree in Marketing. Fran is a vital team member to the Sales and Marketing crew. She is constantly behind the scenes ensuring the OmegaFi brand is relevant, fun, informative and visible. Her quick wit is sure to put a smile on your face. She loves to participate in one of OmegaFi’s philanthropy projects, The Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Columbus Georgia, especially during the Christmas Season. She coordinates fundraising, shopping for gifts and making sure each present has festive paper and bows. 
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Julia Parris

Julia Parris, Chapter Services Representative

OmegaFi Chapter Services Representative, Julia, is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a degree in Economics. She and her husband enjoy romping around with their two Great Pyrenees and spending time with family and friends. Julia is always looking for something fun to do and currently, she is having fun learning to play the guitar. She also enjoys traveling, shopping, couponing and playing board games. She's always on the lookout for a new and unique Monopoly Game to add to her cherished collection.

Tara Pepper

Tara Pepper, Chief Operations Officer

With a B.S. degree from Auburn University and a background in banking and retail management, Tara began her career at OmegaFi in 1996 when she agreed to fill a part-time position to “help answer the phones and manage the office.” In line with company growth, her responsibilities quickly increased, and she became the first official Account Manager, thus abandoning any notion that her position at OmegaFi was temporary. Tara’s work has contributed to our team-oriented, customer support structure. Today she is a member of the Executive Team, and is responsible for all operations, including account management, internal and external training, Bill Pay, payment processing and daily balancing. Tara’s first priority is her family. Between school, sports, and social activities, her three sons keep her busy. They enjoy boating and water skiing together. Tara looks forward to being able to travel extensively once her boys are grown.

Ryan Phaneuf

Ryan Phaneuf, Database Developer II

With admirable versatility, Ryan, an OmegaFi Database Developer, likes to write, hike, bike and ski. His hometown is Bradford, Maine where long told stories by a blazing fire, winter white snowfalls and nearby hiking trails are aplenty. He also loves to water ski, travel and is an ardent fan of his favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. Ryan is a graduate of Columbus State University with a degree in Computer Science and he proudly puts that knowledge to great use every day for us, and our customers.

Staren Pierce

Staren Pierce, Chapter Services Representative

Think your passport has stamps? Think again! Star most likely has you beat with having visited over 30 countries to date. Also, she is fluent in German - Guten Tag, y'all! The travel bug bit her when she was studying at the University of Birmingham in England where she received a Master's in International Business (after receiving a BA in Communications). When she's not jet setting you can find her at home with her two pups, Chloe and Cinnamon snuggling up to watch Game of Thrones.

Dalton Pippins

Dalton Pippins, Customer Success Manager - Implementations

Dalton certainly calls Alabama "sweet home". Born and raised in Smiths Station, AL, Dalton enrolled at Auburn University to earn his degree in Business Administration. He also became a member of the Auburn Pi Kappa Alpha chapter where he served as Vice President. Recently engaged to his high school sweetheart, Caroline, Dalton is looking to add husband to his resume.

Cody Porter

Cody Porter, Business Analyst I

Cody is a graduate of Georgia Southern University and with his degree in Communication Arts, he doesn’t have a problem at all communicating financial information to his chapters. Cody enjoys watching movies, playing video games and jamming out at rock concerts. One of Cody’s many hobbies sets him apart from his co-workers; he is a Dr. Pepper enthusiast.

Hayli Price

Hayli Price, Chapter Services Representative

Marrying her high school sweetheart, a house in the country and a yard full of children is her life-long dream – even after working in a daycare center for years. She is making good on that dream as she just welcomed her first child this year. She enjoyes singing with her brother in their church band and helping out with the Youth Group take up a lot of Hayli’s spare time. She still finds time to attend classes at Columbus Technical College and to do her all-time favorite – shop. You can find her most often at her favorite boutique – The Blue Door, where she not only shops but models for them from time to time.

Andrew Reese

Andrew Reese, Chapter Services Representative

Andy likes his college like he likes his houses...small! Andy was day dreaming of one day building a tiny home while attending a small college in the North Georgia Mountains – Covenant College. We are sure his studies in economics will allow him to successfully forecast his tiny home plans to include a room for his beloved dogs Lewis and Watson as well as a shop for his woodworking projects. If you stumble upon Andy’s future tiny home and he’s not home, you will most likely find him traveling the great lands of England, Scotland or Wales.

Ricky Rivera

Ricky Rivera , Web Developer I

Ricky isn't scared to do and try new things.  In high school, Ricky played in a metal band. He left the band to pursue his degree in Computer Science and did just that. He is the first in his family to obtain a Bachelor's degree! While his band days are behind him, he still continues to enjoy his passion for guitar and recording music. He is a huge fan of video games and he even knows how to juggle! 

Casey Rowan

Casey Rowan, Director of Customer Support

Casey is a native of Louvale, Georgia and attended Columbus State University. She and her husband, Michael, stay busy with their very active twins. In her position as Director of Customer Service, Casey puts her expansive experience to work and is invaluably knowledgeable. She loves the outdoors, spending time with her family, and is infamous for nurturing any stray animal that crosses her doorstep. When she is not hard at work, you can most likely find her cruising on the lake with her family.

Lisa Roy

Lisa Roy, Web Developer I

Lisa is making it rain degrees! Lisa holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a focus in Cyber Security and a minor in Mathematics, an Associate of Science in General Studies degree and an Associate of Science in Web Design - she did not come here to play...unless it's video games. That is even how she met her fiancé! You can find them along with their three cats - Bruce Wayne, Connor and Cleo owning the video game world. 

John Royer

John Royer, VP - Information Technology

This OmegaFi employee and his mother-in-law have the best relationship. She is from Russia and doesn’t understand John’s native English language and he doesn’t understand her native Russian language. They both grin and nod to one another; therefore, no in-law disagreements. What a happy household! John is a graduate of Miami University with a BA in Applied Science. His extraordinary passion to create and design new products helps our IT department exceed the expectations of our clients, keeps us all on the cutting-edge of technology and gives John great satisfaction knowing his developments help others improve their productivity and efficiency. John finds camaraderie with his fellow developers and loves working with such a close-knit team. Away from OmegaFi, John enjoys spending time with his wife, Jenia, and their two sons, Alex and Zane.

James Rozycki

James Rozycki, Sales Representative

God, family and friends are most important to James and he makes time for all. He may reside in Georgia, but his grand alma mater, Ole Miss, continues to run through his veins. What is his favorite football chant? “Hotty Toddy” of course. This Sigma Chi alumnus loves to hunt and fish, but when it comes to eating, he will choose spicy food, hot wings and Thai food over plain ole venison and catfish.

Addison Schopp

Addison Schopp, Director of Partner Success

Addison has a degree in Criminal Justice from Truman State University and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Sports Management. His dedication to Sigma Tau Gamma and his extensive work background with Headquarters enables him to provide quick and knowledgeable answers to his National clients.

Aimee Spurlock

Aimee Spurlock, Customer Support Specialist - Payroll

Aimee is a local from Columbus, Georgia who attended Columbus State University. She married her high school sweetheart, Jamie, and the couple has two daughters. Her previous experience as an Chapter Services Representative makes her the go-to person for advice, and her cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor allows her to navigate and investigate tough problems with ease. Her favorite part of working for OmegaFi is the fact that we continue to grow and change as a company while we maintain the highest level of service. Aimee thoroughly enjoys the people with whom she works. In her time off, she enjoys relaxing by the pool with her daughters and working with the youth at her church.

Karsin Talley

Karsin Talley, Chapter Services Representative

Four walls and Karsin don’t always get along. She did manage to make it through years of lecture halls at George College and State University to graduate with a BS in Psychology. She finds herself most comfortable in the great outdoors. She enjoys swimming, kayaking, hiking, camping, gardening and playing any sport that takes her outside. I am not sure if her cats, Lexi and Gus are the hiking type but I wouldn’t put it past Karsin to give it a shot.

Veronica Taylor

Veronica Taylor, Business Analyst II

Veronica is fluent in the Korean language, is a graduate of Columbus State University and has a BBA in Management. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, jogging, biking, hiking and swimming. She believes in working hard to accomplish her goals and always looks to the future with optimism and enthusiasm. If given the chance to become a superhero and to choose her superhero power, flying is her choice of power. Kryptonite? Undoubtedly chocolate!

Mathew Tooker

Mathew Tooker, Director of Chapter Sales

Mathew has a B.A. in Political Science from Auburn University. He is a former treasurer of Kappa Alpha Order – Nu Chapter where he was a previous user of OmegaFi systems. With his experience, he is able to discuss all the bells and whistles of our systems to our potential customers. Away from work, Mathew enjoys spending time with his dog, Reagan, playing golf, running, hanging out at the beach and watching the Atlanta Braves and Auburn football.

Trey Trotter

Trey Trotter, Director of Partner Success

Trey lives his life seizing opportunities. He met his wife while living in Albuquerque after he graduated from the University of Georgia. He also jumped at the opportunity to dress up as Santa Clause while living in Athens, a costume that may make another appearance during a family Christmas. We are sure his three kids - Dink, Press and Truly would love it! In addition to all that he swears he caught a glimpse of Elvis while living in Memphis.

Marcie Tucker

Marcie Tucker, National Services Specialist A

Marcie’s hometown is Phenix City, AL where she lives with her husband, Brice, their children and their golden retrievers. Marcie loves to cook and she happily shows off her cooking skills as she entertains guests on the weekends. She also enjoys cheering for her favorite football team, “Roll Tide,” going to the beach and proudly watching Anniston as she performs in gymnastics and rounds the bases during her softball games.

Cori Wallace

Cori Wallace, Director of Experiential Marketing

This “foodie” loves to cook and writes a blog with her best friend about all of the recipes they attempt! Cori attended William Woods University where she obtained a degree in communications. Her involvement with Delta Gamma and more than 15 other organizations gives her a true sense of Greek Life and helps her perform her duties as Director of Sorority Relations. Basketball and baseball are her favorite sports. Favorite teams? The Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas City Royals, of course - Cori is their #1 fan.

Tasha Wallace

Tasha Wallace, Marketing Designer

Our Marketing Designer (a.k.a Retro Queen) loves Andy Griffith, shag carpet and olive green couches. Her new home away from home is a new camper and since she and her family and many friends love to tailgate at every Alabama home game, we bet she thoroughly decks it out in a Roll Tide theme to include pictures of her oldest son who is a former BAMA cheerleader. Her creativity and love of life and people make her a great asset to our Sales and Marketing Department.

Shelby Ward

Shelby Ward, Training Specialist

Shelby is attending Columbus State University where she is pursuing a degree in Marketing. She always has a smile for her OmegaFi customers as she speaks to them on the phone as well as with her co-workers as she offers a helping hand. Summer is this Delta Zeta’s favorite season, despite the humidity and 100-plus degree heat in Georgia. During the summer, you can find Shelby lounging by the pool, having fun at the beach or traveling to tropical destinations.

Kendall Watkins

Kendall Watkins, Human Resource Specialist

Kendall needs a backbone to effectively run a successful human resources department and that she does. With an extra vertebrae she stands tall and upholds the rules and regulations that make a harmonious work place. But don't think she doesn't know how to have fun. On her off time she enjoys group fitness classes, playing tennis and spending time with her dog, Piper and soon to be hubby, Ben. 

Justin Whaley

Justin Whaley, Senior Database Administrator

Justin jumps through hoops at OmegaFi as our Database Developer II - Resource Manager to quickly write queries and move data. Away from work, he loves to relax with a good book. That is when he isn’t spending fun, family time with his sweet bride, Jordan, and their children

Andrea White

Andrea White, National Services Specialist B

It’s always a “white” Christmas at Andrea’s house since her birthday falls on the beloved holiday. It doesn’t have to be Andrea’s birthday for her to “treat herself” to a trip! Andrea has visited 9 European countries in 23 days and aspires to embark on an African safari. When she’s not dreaming of her next adventure she is enjoying quality time with her husband Greg, son Abram, dog Dexter and cat Beau.

Coleman Williamson

Coleman Williamson, Business Analyst I

Playing power ballads on his guitar at church and powerlifting at his local Crossfit gym, Coleman feels the burn. When Coleman is looking for a more laid back activity you can find him on the golf course or spending time with his wife Kallan and their 5 pets (Bo, Lexi, Aubie, CoCo, and Maci)! If you can't find him, you can rule out the 48 continental states because he has already paid those a visit. Next up? Ireland to tour old castles!

Molly Wilson

Molly Wilson, Customer Support Specialist - National Services

Molly left her hometown of Columbus, GA to get her Business Management Degree at Valdosta State University and lucky for OmegaFi and her chapters, she heard her roots calling her back home. Molly began her career with OmegaFi as a Customer Service Rep and is currently one of our Senior Account Managers. Molly always has a smile on her face and is happy to assist all her chapters. Away from OmegaFi, she loves to read, and to spend time with family and friends. She also gets much joy out of her mission work, which took her as far away as Nicaragua. She hopes to visit there again one day, and plans to explore many other countries in future travel adventures as well.

Kelsey Windham

Kelsey Windham, Customer Support Coordinator

Kelsey doesn’t have to go far to go home. Born, raised and living just over the bridge from OmegaFi HQ in Phenix City, AL. When at home she is spending time cooking, reading and working on her first novel. Most likely with her husband Travis nearby and cat, Stormie in her lap. When she ventures out she doesn’t take that time for granted. You can find her hitting the slopes on her snowboard or wandering around a bookstore.

Scott Woeber

Scott Woeber, Senior Web Developer

Scott comes to us by way of sunny Florida. Scott admits it is hard to find things interesting enough to put in a bio, but we say "pish posh"! With that being said, Scott plays the bass guitar and has played in several metal bands in his day. The artist in him doesn't stop there - he can also draw! We have put in a request of a drawing of his three-legged cat, Lopsy Hopsy. I am sure it will go on the fridge next to his daughters, Kairi's, drawings and his wife, Emely's, "honey-do" list. 

Brianna Wright

Brianna Wright, Chapter Services Representative

Who is allergic to cats but has three of them? Brianna! This sneezy – cat loving lady is mom to Clyde, Misty, and Dexter. All four love to snuggle up on the couch and participate in a good ol’ fashioned Netflix binge session. When it’s time for the cat’s naps, you can find Brianna in the kitchen whipping up new and fun recipes.