Turn stress into seamless, organized processes with our campus and chapter recruitment tools.

Whether you’re a campus managing thousands of potential new members; a fraternity trying to rebuild your chapter’s legacy; or a sorority hoping to get all your favorite potential new members, we have an affordable software solution for you. 

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Chapter Benefit

Centralize recruitment data & keep it secure: From learning more about potential new members (PNMs) to monitoring active member voting trends, OmegaRecruit features a list of reports a list of reports chapter officers need to save time during recruitment.

Chapter members can access the PNM photo and information directory; and officers can export recruitment report data to Excel and create custom views. 

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OmegaRecruit Benefit

Create custom PNM groups: Officers can set GPA, philanthropy, and leadership experience preferences; and create custom PNM profile tags that enhance university-provided information and support informed decision making (e.g., legacies, references, etc.)


Sorority recruitment software makes it easier to keep track of and sort PNMs

OmegaRecruit Benefit

Make PNMs comfortable: Before recruitment, officers can match active members and PNMs who’ve got common interests or hometowns.

During recruitment, members can use the search function to find PNMs; use the star feature to identify PNMs with unique qualities; and suggest members the PNM may enjoy meeting.

Match brothers with potential new members with sorority recruitment software and get to know the PNMs better.

OmegaRecruit Benefit

Make seamless transitions with fast mobile voting: After each round, active members can quickly login, use the search feature to find a PNM, record voting rationale, submit a vote, and prep to meet for PNMs.

Admins can easily reopen party rounds and fix accidental voting mistakes; or simply create personalized PNM presentation cards without opening PowerPoint. 

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OmegaRecruit Benefit

Seamlessly integrates with ICS (Campus recruitment software): If the university uses ICS to manage campus recruitment, chapter officers will get PNM lists, round schedules and updates automatically-eliminating the need for administrators to upload spreadsheets or do paper matching. 

Make slideshows of your PNMs to make voting easier with sorority recruitment software.

ICS Feature

Secure registration, payments & access: Secure login system and permissioning required. Safely manage potential new member contact information, process payments, issue refunds and more. All information is backed up on off-site servers.  

Integrate your ICS account with your sorority recruitment software for easy data sharing and communication.

ICS Feature

Automated matching: Access/export potential new member information, process rounds and schedules, manage daily and final selections, generate reports and more.

ICS Feature

Superior customer service: Online help available 24/7; and emergency support during critical times. 

Compliant with federal & state requirements: We regularly adjust our security standards to accomodate federal and state cloud software laws, which ensures our clients aren't vulnerable (i.e. TX-RAMP).