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How to Easily Manage Sorority Billing and Payments

Collecting chapter dues and fees is an inescapable reality for sorority members. Members must pay dues and fees to cover the cost of chapter house upkeep, social events, philanthropy events, recruitment, and more. Without sorority billing, a chapter can’t offer the experiences that shape a chapter.

When hundreds of members submit multiple payments per month, and vendors require timely bill pay, it’s easy to see why managing billing and payments is a pain point for sorority leaders

OmegaFi simplifies complex payment processes with affordable solutions. We’ve got affordable ways to streamline your financial management processes and save you time.

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Common Sorority Billing Challenges

Proper financial management creates a strong foundation for future sorority growth. Sorority leaders who bravely step up to manage their chapter's finances should ask themselves the following questions:

  • How do we track payments? 
  • How do we manage payment methods?
  • How do we handle budgeting and goal-setting?
  • How do we plan for unexpected financial changes?
  • What tools and software should we use for financial management?

Let’s dive into how OmegaFi’s best-in-class features are the answer to all of these financial questions and more.

How OmegaFi Simplifies Sorority Billing

Thanks to our billing and payments solution and Payables feature, your sorority will have everything you need to manage your chapter’s finances stress-free. 

Easily collect due and fees

  • Collect 20% more dues with our popular billing and payments software with easy-to-use features including:
    • Create invoices in mass for all members, certain groups, types or individually.
    • Easily visualize financial metrics like Aging of Accounts, Deposit Details, Charge Summary and Profit v. Loss.
    • Manage payee lists and attach billing statements to payee records. 
    • Schedule recurring payments so members never have to worry about missing payments. 
      OmegaFi’s Billing & Payments solution on a computer and phone


Easily-Manageable Finances

Managing your chapter's finances can be challenging and stressful, but with OmegaFi's Payables feature, it doesn't have to be. The Payables feature allows you to:

  • Manage unlimited accounts. LegFi with Treasury accounts supports unlimited FDIC-eligible insured online accounts, allowing you to accommodate chapter growth without worry. 
  • Create payee lists. Attach billing statements to payee records so you always have the full picture of everyone's financial standing.
  • Set spending limits. Never worry about over-drafting with customizable spending limits.

Powerful Online Budgeting Support 

Most sorority chapter volunteers are new to budgeting and accounting. OmegaFi’s billing and payments solution includes helpful budgeting tools that can help you set chapter budgets.

  • Custom categories. Each chapter is unique. That’s why we made our budgeting categories and labels customizable. Organize funds by month, income account, source (i.e. fundraising vs. dues), and more.
  • Visualize deposits and debits. View important information that determines your chapter's financial health with user-friendly dashboards.


Click here to download our budgeting checklist to help streamline sorority billing.

Member-Friendly Interface

Let’s face it: managing your sorority’s payments is a lot harder if you have to do it alone. That’s why we offer features so members can manage their own billing preferences:
  • Member app. As full-time students, your members are on the go constantly. Make it easy for them to manage their finances from anywhere with OmegaFi’s member app.
  • Automatic payment management. Give members peace of mind with configurable payment options that submit payments automatically. They’ll never have to worry about missed dues or late fines again!
OmegaFi’s Billing & Payments solution on a computer and phone

A Secure Platform

It’s crucial to maintain your members’ privacy by following data security regulations. OmegaFi does all the heavy lifting for you by:
  • Regularly updating the platform. Data security measures are evolving all the time, so we stay on the lookout for better ways to protect your data and make timely updates.
  • Maintaining PCI compliance. When it comes to billing, we maintain our PCI compliance (a special certification for financial data) carefully.

How to Pay Sorority Dues Online

One of the top features your sorority billing solution should have is online payments. This ensures you never lose track of payments and can automatically follow up with members who are late. Here's how OmegaFi users pay their sorority dues online:

  1. Navigate to OmegaFi's Pay My Bill page.
  2. Log in with Member Account Number, Member Name, and Payment Amount
  3. Submit payment through OmegaFi's secure portal

That's all there is to it! With OmegaFi, you never need to worry about complicated submission processes or data breaches. Your members will feel comfortable and confident in your chapter knowing you've got their backs!

OmegaFi is the Top Choice for Sorority Billing

Hundreds of chapters from across the country chose OmegaFi’s best-in-class solution to manage their chapter’s billing and payments.

  • $6.8 billion worth of dues, rent, and fees collected and $511 million in payments collected
  • 91% customer satisfaction score
  • 650+ Knowledge Base tutorials available
  • 38 Unique HQ partnerships across the nation
  • $2.2 million over 5,309 transactions made with treasury accounts and cards
  • Regular product enhancements and investments


“OmegaFi’s software helps our chapter streamline its processes. It’s helped us correctly bill chapter members for dues and fees and makes it easier for me to be a full-time student and chapter leader. I’d recommend OmegaFi to anyone looking to save time and money and stay committed to their sorority responsibilities.”

Larissa Wade

SGA delegate, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Ramapo College




Getting Started with OmegaFi 

With OmegaFi, you can become a billing, budgeting, and bookkeeping master all with one tool.  Your leadership team can say goodbye to complicated, paper-based billing so you can focus on providing an unforgettable chapter experience.

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