Chapters face challenges every day. Maintaining accurate data, collecting from members, spending chapter funds wisely, raising money, communicating with members, alumni/ae, parents and even Headquarters – are all critical but complex responsibilities. When done right, the experience for everyone in the chapter is improved. When done wrong, the chapter suffers, and its long-term viability is in jeopardy.

In addition, officers change from one year to the next, and they approach their responsibilities with various levels of expertise and enthusiasm. Without reliable business practices and a dependable support system in place, one slack officer can have disastrous consequences on the chapter.

That’s why chapters who partner with OmegaFi are chapters that do more. With OmegaFi, a chapter generates more revenue, has higher member and parent engagement and perhaps, most important, receives consistent and vital support from year to year. OmegaFi provides the innovative tools, expertise and steady commitment to help your chapter thrive.

Learn how we help chapters…

Collect Money

Pay bills

Pay employees

Spend with the Officer Purchasing Card

Manage data


File their Form 990

Build websites

Publish Newsletters

Raise Money

Accept online gifts

Improve alumni/ae relations

Thank donors



OmegaFi is your fraternal organization’s partner for long-term operational success.