Our Story

OmegaFi is a pioneer. Providing financial, fundraising and communication solutions for fraternities and sororities is not something we stumbled upon or copied from someone else. We invented this business in 1992. It’s the only thing we do – and we love doing it!


Our work is important and makes a difference because the work of fraternities and sororities is so important and makes a difference.

Fraternities and sororities make the world a better place. They transform the lives of young men and women. They make higher education institutions stronger. They create better life outcomes for members. Communities benefit, America excels and society advances thanks to the civic, philanthropic, social and leadership skills and values instilled by fraternities and sororities.

We know prosperous, fiscally sound fraternities and sororities are better positioned to grow and focus on their members, their communities and their mission.

We believe the only way to survive in a rapidly changing world is to change ahead of it. After more than 20 years in business, we still consider ourselves in start-up mode – continuing to innovate the way we do business. We thrive on long-standing partnerships.

We believe fraternities and sororities, too, must constantly evolve and reinvent their business processes to survive and grow. It’s our job to help them reimagine a new way, a better way to operate. It’s our focus to assist and support them every step of the way. It’s our pleasure to find and implement the solutions fraternities and sororities need for long-term success.

Our work is important and makes a difference because the work of fraternities and sororities is so important and makes a difference.


Focusing on one member, chapter and campaign at a time, OmegaFi’s mission is to optimize operational efficiency for fraternal organizations so they can build thriving, fiscally sound communities across the generations of their membership.


While the employees working at OmegaFi come from various backgrounds, share different religious and political views, cheer for different college football teams and possess diverse personality traits, we all share core values we believe are important. They underscore the OmegaFi experience, provide guidance, influence decisions, produce outcomes and are:


Since our earliest days we’ve supported the Boys & Girls Club. We’ve recently become great friends with the Seaside Neighborhood School.


Learn how a college project turned into a thriving business



OmegaFi is your fraternal organization’s partner for long-term operational success.