18 Reasons Working at OmegaFi is so Great




You'll bring the conversation to a halt when you try to explain to new acquaintances how you work with fraternities and sororities.





Even with more than 100 employees, we have a close-knit, fraternity-modeled, family-like atmosphere that is always accepting of newcomers.





We actually like each other. Initially, the warm welcome captures a new employee's attention. It's not long before they realize we support each other in the same manner every day. Who wouldn't want to work among some of their closest friends?





Our official values really are the values we demonstrate every day. This authenticity makes for happy, secure employees.





Amazing benefits – medical, dental, vision, AFLAC, LegalShield, disability insurance and all you can drink sodas and coffee. Cheers!





Many companies offer a 401(k). How many match 50% of everything you contribute to it like we do at OmegaFi?





We'll help you stay in shape through our health club reimbursement and group fitness activities like running, tennis, bowling – even dragon boat racing.





Business casual dress – unless we have visitors, then we dress to impress.





Profit sharing. When OmegaFi makes money or saves money, all employees benefit.





We encourage and celebrate one another's achievements, recognizing that they are, in fact, shared.





We don’t apologize for setting high expectations.





We promote and advance based on merit, not tenure or personal relationships.





Although not every employee is a decision-maker, every employee has an important level of expertise and his or her knowledge contributes to the decision-making process.





Our office is just seven blocks from the world's largest, urban, white-water rafting course.





You have plenty of opportunities to become involved with the Columbus, Georgia, community through the YP program and with our company-adopted philanthropy, the Boys & Girls Club.





We consistently recognize and reward each other for a job well-done. Public shout-outs, badge nominations, Employee of the Month and Epitelo awards all help us show our gratitude and admiration for friends and co-workers. High fives are also welcome.





You are part of a team that was the first and today, leads the industry in Greek Life financial management. Serious bragging rights.





Our customers! We interact daily with wonderful headquarters and foundation staff, fraternity and sorority officers and members and dedicated parents who possess great attitudes, fun personalities and a similar outlook to find solutions to problems.