House Corporations

Collecting the rent, managing a facility, supervising contractors and employees and trying to raise money . . . the responsibilities of a house corporation never seem to end. The challenges are often compounded because alumni/ae officers are attempting to work together and fulfill these obligations from assorted locations.

With limited time to spend on fraternity or sorority matters, well-meaning volunteers often struggle with both the administrative tasks required to run an effective house corporation as well as the far-reaching strategic items that could significantly advance their organization. OmegaFi can help.

House corporations that partner with OmegaFi save time and simplify their oversight roles. OmegaFi reduces the hassle and headache associated with billing and collecting the rent, managing lease agreements, paying bills and employees and raising money. Plus, we help you do great things with a support team devoted to your needs each and every day.

Learn how we help house corporations . . .

Collect rent

Pay bills

Spend wisely

Pay employees

Raise money

Thank donors

Improve alumni/ae relations

Publish Newsletters

Manage data

Build websites

Manage Lease Agreements



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