Stewardship & Fulfillment

Any fundraising campaign is useless if an organization raises funds but fails to collect them.  No one has a more efficient, effective and successful collection system than OmegaFi.  Relying on a variety of proven proprietary techniques and more than 20 years of experience in payment services, our fulfillment program maximizes fundraising income and enhances the donor and campaign volunteer experience.

Chapters & Chapter Officers

Inter/National Headquarters


Alumni/ae Associations & House Corporations

Paper checks sent through the mail account for 55% of all contributions received

Convert donor commitments (pledges) to cash flow

Provide flexible and convenient payment options to your donors

Send donor-centered pledge reminders, gift confirmations, charitable gift receipts and thank-you notes

Keep pledge payments up-to-date

Process and deposit all checks, money order and credit/debit card gifts

Expand your stewardship and recognition programs

Track contributions

Comply with credit card receipt and charitable gift receipt requirements

Free up your time (and the time of your staff and volunteers) to focus on fundraising, your mission and other priorities

Receive daily deposits of donated funds




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