Alumni Relations

Ongoing and active alumni/ae participation is critical to an organization’s future. The level of alumni/ae involvement often separates good chapters from the great ones.

In addition, the process of renewing alumni/ae relationships, recruiting volunteers and motivating them to get involved and give back requires specialized efforts. Raising awareness helps you raise dollars. Let OmegaFi design and implement a consistent, results-driven program to help you connect and engage your alumni/ae.

Chapters & Chapter Officers


Alumni/ae Associations & House Corporations

The number of nonprofits supported each year by fraternity and sorority alumni/ae. Is yours one of them?

Use Embark Alumni Relations to:

Develop and implement a year-round alumni/ae outreach program customized to your organization’s culture, needs and budget

Engage alumni/ae via print sources (newsletters, invitations, postcards, etc.) and electronic sources (websites, email, electronic newsletters, etc.)

Manage, protect and improve your valuable data

Provide online tools to update alumni/ae contact information, identify lost members and make contributions

Raise funds on an annual basis for specific projects and operational support

Solicit alumni/ae, parents and friends by mail, email, online and through volunteer-driven efforts

Collect funds pledged by generous donors using Embark Fulfillment

Handle time-consuming administrative details for your volunteers and leaders

Create a culture of giving by educating, stewarding donors and staying consistent and professional from one year to the next



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