Mass Communications


Members who enroll in the myOmegaFi mobile app each month

Use myOmegaFi to:

Access the phone and email list for your chapter

Quickly communicate with members and officers

Review the Calendar

Answer a poll

Access a shared file

Some features available through the free myOmegaFi app in the App Store and Google Play

Chapter Officers

Chapter officers sent more than 36,000 emails to members last year

Use Vault to:

Quickly communicate

Post an announcement

Share a file

Add a calendar event

Email all or a subset of members

Survey your members

Promote your chapter online with a Vault Website

Communicate with alumni/ae with Embark Alumni Relations

Some features available through the free Vault app in the App Store

Alumni/ae Associations & House Corporations

Emails sent by OmegaFi last year to educate and inspire alumni/ae about their organizations

Work with OmegaFi to:

Communicate with chapter members and renters and share files with Vault

Promote your organization online with a Vault Website

Engage alumni/ae via print sources (newsletters, invitations, postcards, etc.) and electronic sources (websites, email, electronic newsletters, etc.) with Embark Alumni Relations

Inter/National Headquarters & Foundations

Fraternity/sorority headquarters who use Compass to communicate with their members

Use Compass to:

Share files with select members, officers, donors or chapters

Email members, parents, alumni, donors, non-donors and/or friends

Poll your constituents

Post an announcement

Create calendar entries

Create, publish and accept registration and payments for events

Create forms and collect data

Accept paperless reports from chapters



OmegaFi is your fraternal organization’s partner for long-term operational success.