Alumni/ae Associations

Active and consistent alumni participation and support are indispensable, fundamental foundations upon which great organizations are built. There’s no question that time spent identifying, educating and inspiring your alumni/ae today leads to increased involvement in the future.

Yet, alumni/ae volunteers are busy with their families and careers. With limited time to spend on fraternity or sorority matters, well-meaning officers often struggle with both the administrative tasks required to run an effective alumni/ae association as well as the far-reaching strategic items that could significantly advance their organization. OmegaFi can help.

Alumni/ae associations that partner with OmegaFi are associations that do more and take fundraising further. With OmegaFi, an alumni/ae association raises more money, has higher alumni/ae engagement and perhaps, most important, receives consistent and vital support from year to year. OmegaFi provides the innovative tools, expertise and steady commitment to help your organization thrive.

Learn how we help alumni/ae associations…

Raise Money

Accept online gifts

Improve alumni/ae relations

Publish newsletters

Thank donors

Manage data

Build websites

Collect money

Pay bills

Spend wisely



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